Welcome 2019 NATHO Board of Directors & New Members!

Welcome 2019 NATHO Board of Directors & New Members!

It’s a new year, and with that we’d like to welcome our new NATHO Board of Directors members and recognize several new NATHO members.   

First, we’d like to thank Craig Meier of Medical Solutions, whose role was Past President, and Bill Tracewell of The Delta Companies, whose role was Director, for their service. Both Meier and Anholt have rolled off the board going into 2019.

In their absence, Holly Bass of PPR and Ryan Anholt of The Delta Companies have stepped in to join the NATHO Board, both in a Director role.

Here is the complete 2019 NATHO Board of Directors roster:

Abigail Tremble of Randstad Healthcare, President

Wendi Dusseault of Cross Country, Past President

Ryan Anholt of The Delta Companies, Director

Holly Bass of PPR, Director

Kim Windsor of Fastaff, Director

Pamela Oliver of Trustaff, Director

Bobbi Henson of Jackson Healthcare, Director

Lynne Gross of RNnetwork, Director

Mark Siegel of Emerald Health Services, Director

Caroline Araya of AMN Healthcare, Director

Gene Scott of Travel Nurse Across America, Director

We also wanted to welcome some recently approved new NATHO members:

Approved in December 2018:

Nomad Health

Vero RN

Trusted Health

Approved in September 2018:

Horizon Management, LLC

Approved in July 2018:

Dedicated Nursing Associates 

Approved in May 2018:


Whether you’re a new member or a Board member, thank you for your commitment to NATHO! If you’re interested in joining NATHO, click here to learn more.