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Legislative Priority: National Licensure 

The NATHO Clinical Executive Committee recognized the nursing shortage that has been prevalent for years became an even bigger issue as COVID-19 began to sweep over the country.

This inspired the committee to push harder for the idea of a national licensure model. If this is an idea you back, join us by downloading the Building a Culture of Safety: A National License Model white paper below.

Read it, share it, and advocate for the message.

How can you help?

Individuals can:

  • Share this information with your colleagues and peers and encourage them to get the message out.
  • Download the images provided and post them to social media with a link to this page.

Companies can:

  • Encourage your corporate communications department to promote this NATHO white paper in support of a national nursing license, and a link to this page, on company social media. Images are provided that can be downloaded and posted for common branding.
  • Include information about this NATHO white paper in support of a national nursing license and a link to this page in official company internal communications channels.

Downloadable Social Media Content

Suggested Language:

      • Facebook/LinkedIn: "After months of COVID-19 and it's far reaching impact on health care systems, staff, and most importantly, patients, it is time for change. We support the idea of a national licensure. Join us in this change."
      • Instagram: "Now is a time for change. COVID-19 has reminded us of the increasingly concerning nursing shortages and the need for a national licensure." 
      • Twitter: "We stand by a national licensure. Join us in this effort and make a difference for nurses, patients, and the country."



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