NATHO Statement on MTV's

NATHO Statement on MTV's

October 21, 2013


NATHO has recently received various communications from nurses, agencies, and facilities regarding MTV’s soon-to-premiere program “Scrubbing In.” Due to the volume of feedback and commentary we’ve received, we feel it necessary to comment on the upcoming reality show, which depicts the lives of travel nurses both on and off the job.

While it is difficult to fully adjudicate and comment on a show that is yet to premiere, our hope for “Scrubbing In” is that it successfully portrays travel nurses in a positive light, also reflecting well on this great industry that we believe in so much. To have travel nursing featured on such a high-profile media platform presents an excellent opportunity for an important national conversation about the industry — from the nursing shortage and safe patient ratios, to travel nurses’ unyielding dedication to quality patient care. As that conversation develops, we will maintain respect for every nurse’s individuality and his or her freedom to make their own lifestyle choices as long as it does not interfere with their ability to deliver excellent and ethical care.   

The sheer volume of travel nurses and others related to the industry that are concerned about this show and have reached out to us is an impressive testimony to the ethical strength of the industry. NATHO will certainly continue to observe this situation and take any necessary action should it become needed at any point.

Finally, NATHO would like to reaffirm our commitment to the promotion of principled business practice in the travel healthcare industry. Our approach and the ethical guidelines we provide serve NATHO members, travel healthcare candidates, and clients, and we will continue to take that very seriously.