Benefits of NATHO membership Allows you and your organization access to information unique to the Travel Healthcare industry:

  • Insurance and risk management resources
  • Public relations
  • Shared marketing resources
  • Federal and state legislative issues
  • Ethics and arbitration guidelines
  • Standards of practice
  • Industry Benchmarking and Statistics
  • Group Purchasing

Membership Criteria:

In the early conception of NATHO, a questionnaire was sent to 30 future NATHO members. From this questionnaire the membership criteria was established, and is as follows:

1. Current Joint Commission Certification to ensure commitment to quality and compliance.

2. Each NATHO firm must be able to provide proof of insurance. This includes, but is not limited to, Professional Liability, General Liability, and Workers Compensation.

3. Annual Membership fees for NATHO are based on annual revenue*:

  • Annual Revenue of $10 million or less - $1,500 annually per organization
  • Annual Revenue of $10 - $50 million - $2,500 annually per organization
  • Annual Revenue over $50 million - $3,500 annually per organization

*To apply for your NATHO membership, please submit our online application below:

Please provide a brief overview of company/company history:
Please tell us about your organization’s focus, what types of clients and position specialties?
Why do you wish to join NATHO? Are there particular issues your company is facing? Are there any additional topics or issues you would want NATHO to assist with aside from our mission to foster ethical practices in the industry?