Company Description

TRINITY HEALTHCARE STAFFING GROUP can help you get your healthcare career headed in a positive direction. We can connect you with an employment opportunity for local, travel or contract nursing, allied or therapy that will give you the chance to utilize your specific skills and training to serve patients in a variety of different types of medical facilities or settings.

Company Information

Our Agency Story. (Maybe it’ll sound familiar). By Matt Floyd, RN, Founder, President and CEO As a traveling critical care nurse, I struggled with the inconsistencies and disorganization that seemed to define my profession. Showing up to bewildered looks instead of secured housing. Paychecks that rarely landed in my hands on time, and when they did, routinely were for reduced or inaccurate amounts. Every facet of our award-winning company - every policy, benefit package and standard - was born out of our experiences as healthcare professionals and travel nurses. As men and women frustrated by a system that didn't seem to care about them, offer opportunities for advancement, or simply didn't keep their word. Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group has become one of the fastest growing full-service supplemental staffing agencies in the country by holding to a simple motto: "Do what you say you'll do." That commitment has helped us build a bond with healthcare specialists that's unprecedented in this industry. Because when specialists and travel nurses put their career in our hands, we reward them with possibilities, security and respect.