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Tax Compliance Committee

The purpose of the Tax Compliance Committee is to provide NATHO members guidance regarding applicable state and federal income tax laws and regulations as they relate specifically to the travel healthcare industry. It is also to help establish appropriate industry practices that comply with the laws. It is not the purpose of the committee to give tax advice. The members should always seek counsel from their own advisors when it comes to specific circumstances. It is also the goal of the committee to provide a white paper with frequently asked questions to help travelers understand the rules so that they, too, are in compliance.

Clinical Executive Council

The NATHO Clinical Executive Council (CEC) convened to be a champion for themes and trends that represent opportunities for education and improvement for the industry from a clinical and quality standpoint.

Marketing and Membership Committee

The purpose of the Marketing and Membership Committee is to provide a positive member experience for all members. This group is tasked with providing content for NATHO's news, webinars, events, and email blasts. The group also works to brainstorm new member benefits.

Small Business Committee

NATHO formed the Small Business Committee as a forum for members to share the challenges, successes and experiences that they face as small firms in the Travel Healthcare Industry. It will be a way for members to learn from each other and get to know each other as they grow and improve their businesses.

Legislative and Regulatory Committee

The NATHO legislative and regulatory committee serves to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare staffing industry by educating NATHO members on impactful legislation, determining whether legislation requires an industry response, and coordinating resources for formalized response to legislation.

Conference Committee

The NATHO Conference Committee works to make decisions in regards to the Annual NATHO Conference. The group discusses location options, agenda planning, and more!


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