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The purpose of the Marketing and Membership Committee is to provide a positive member experience for all members. This group is tasked with providing content for NATHO's news, webinars, events, and email blasts.  Along with this, the committee helps integrate new members into NATHO, showing them the ropes and ensuring all questions are answered as new members navigate their first year of membership.

Benefits of being a Marketing and Membership Committee Member: 

  • Being the first to know of upcoming events, webinars, and news releases

  • Building engaging relationships among members and potential members 

  • Connecting industry leaders to NATHO sponsored networking opportunities

  • Cultivate professional and lasting rapport with incoming NATHO members as their first point of contact

  • Broaden NATHO's exposure in the Travel Healthcare industry

  • Develop new knowledge and skills regarding the promotion of the Travel Healthcare Industry

  • Network with incoming NATHO members

Goals of the Marketing and Membership Committee:

  • To strengthen organizational growth initiatives

  • To increase member engagement in webinars, networking events, and discussion

  • To promote NATHO benefits

  • To promote best practices and current events within the industry

  • To strengthen our partnership new organizations within the NATHO Committee

  • To support relationship building and networking within our membership

Interested in joining this committee? Contact!


(646) 350-4083

1502 W. Broadway St., Suite 102

Monona, WI 53713

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday   I  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time

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