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The NATHO Clinical Executive Council (CEC) convened to be a champion for themes and trends that represent opportunities for education and improvement for the industry from a clinical and quality standpoint. The CEC serves as a resource for NATHO member companies. View roles descriptions here.

Benefits of being a Clinical Executive Committee Member:

  • Real-time updates to legislative efforts per state ( per our legislative arm of the CEC)
  • Real-time clinical insights shared by the group
  • Sharing of emerging best practices – COVID assessment forms, declination forms, reduced credentialing requirements for crisis assignment
  • Thought leadership – White paper, webinars, blogs, publications
  • Mentorship – some of the brightest clinical minds in the industry
  • Ongoing guidance and updates to future and unforeseen issues that affect our industry – Collective intelligence to solve the next “crisis”.
  • Focus Work Groups

Goals of the Clinical Executive Committee:

  • To strengthen our partnership with Joint Commission and create a stronger cross-walk between HCSS standards and credentialing best practices
  • Develop and publish thought leadership materials to further promote the well-being of our clinical staff including a webinar on provider burnout
  • Seek 2 guest speakers on relevant topics for the CEC Membership
  • Expend partnership with the NATHO Governmental Affairs Committee on advocacy for compact licensure expansion and enhance knowledge sharing regarding relevant state and federal legislation

Interested in joining this committee? Fill out this form here.

Board Reporting Best Practices Guideline

A Call to Action for National Licensure

Reporting healthcare practitioners for deviations in standard of care is one of the most hated, yet also one of the most important responsibilities healthcare staffing agencies face. NATHO recognizes this task as being critically important to ensure safe patient care and has published some recommended best practices to assist staffing agencies to understand when and how to report a healthcare professional.

Read our most up to date Board Reporting Best Practices Guideline here.

The NATHO Clinical Executive Committee recognized the nursing shortage that has been prevalent for years become an even bigger issue as COVID-19 began to sweep over the country.

This inspired the committee to push harder for the idea of a national licensure model. If this is an idea you back, join us by downloading the Building a Culture of Safety: A National Licensure Model  white paper below.

Read it, share it, and advocate for the message 

Click here to download the white paper!

NATHO Quality Best Practice Guide

NATHO members are leaders in the healthcare staffing industry and are dedicated to providing supplemental staffing to healthcare facilities throughout the United States by effectively recruiting, screening, and credentialing qualified healthcare professionals. NATHO member firms adhere to practice standards that comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as Joint Commission standards for healthcare staffing companies, helping firms to provide high quality service. Ultimately, NATHO member firms contribute to quality patient care through delivery of highly competent credentialed staffing resources. The following quality standards are best practices utilized by NATHO member firms in screening and credentialing of travelers and other quality operations. Click here to download NATHO's Quality Best Practice Guide.

Member Testimonials

What is the greatest benefit you have experienced since participating in NATHO's CEC and why should other staffing agency clinical leaders join the CEC?


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