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The Chair is the chief elected officer and serves as Chairman of the NATHO Clinical Executive Committee

  • The Chair acts as the authorized representative of the NATHO CEC in all matters in which another member has not been formally designated
  • In general, the Chair supervises and controls all business of NATHO’s CEC.
  • The Chair presides over all CEC meetings and is involved with the development of the Agenda.
  • The Chair serves to recruit, welcome, and introduce new members to the CEC
  • The Chair acts as the Liaison to the NATHO Board of Directors or delegates to another CEC member
  • The Chair actively engages with other NATHO committees, external organizations and associations where engagement with those entities would serve to educate and benefit the CEC membership
  • The Chair is responsible for developing CEC objectives based upon feedback from the membership, assigns members to subcommittees, and actively engages members to ensure accountability toward achieving desired outcomes
  • The Chair serves office for a term of 2 years


The Vice Chair may be delegated by the Chair to perform his/her duties in the event of the Chair’s temporary absence from meetings, and will have other duties as assigned by the Chair

  • The Vice Chair is responsible for participating in the development of the meeting agendas
  • The Vice Chair serves to support the efforts of the Chair
  • The Vice Chair leads the efforts of various subcommittee as delegated by the Chair
  • The Vice Chair will serve as the next Chair at the CEC Leadership transition.
  • The Vice Chair holds office for a term of 2 years  


The Administrative Chair works with NATHO Association Managers to ensure proper documentation and storage of records and membership of the Clinical Executive Committee. 

  • The Administrative Chair  or his/her designee, is responsible for the maintenance of an accurate CEC Membership roster.
  • The Administrative Chair engages with the Chair and Vice Chair in preparing the CEC  meeting agenda and ensures distribution to the CEC membership.
  • The Administrative Chair is responsible for documenting CEC meeting minutes and distributing to the CEC membership
  • The Administrative Chair engages with NATHO’s management team to ensure any required updates or resources are added to the NATHO website CEC pages
  • The Administrative Chair participates in regular meetings of the NATHO CEC and special meetings of the CEC as called.
  • The Administrative Chair ensures prompt response to any inquiries submitted by a NATHO member, other board members, or board of directors
  • The Administrative Chair holds office for a term of 2 years
  • The Administrative Chair will transition to Vice Chair at the next CEC leadership transition


The Clinical Executive Committee member is vested in and engaged with the objectives of NATHO’s CEC.

  • Each Member ensures that their affiliated company is an active member of NATHO (full member or associate member)
  • Each Member participates in regular meetings of the NATHO Clinical Executive Committee.
  • The Member will serve on any subcommittee as delegated by the CEC leadership team
  • Member may designate an alternate to represent them in the event that they are not able to attend a meeting or CEC event
  • Term length is at the discretion of the member and CEC Leadership


The Immediate Past-Chair serves in an advisory capacity to the NATHO Clinical Executive Committee and membership.


At the discretion of the CEC leadership, alternate  and co-chair roles may be incorporated into the leadership team to ensure continuity and support for the CEC membership


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