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What does Joint Commission Certification do for me?

December 04, 2019 10:04 AM | Allison Kincaid (Administrator)

By Ryan Anholt, Vice President of Travel Recruiting
Provided by NATHO Member, The Delta Companies

It has been said that the best defense is a good offense—why wouldn’t this theory extend to patient care? For facilities utilizing healthcare traveler services, the best defense against the risk of liability is to employ providers with up-to-date licensure, background records, and training. When choosing to partner with a staffing agency in the search for such providers, accreditation from The Joint Commission is the quarterback of the healthcare-staffing field, providing a comprehensive evaluation of a staffing firm’s ability to present qualified and competent staffing services. 

In order to maintain The Joint Commission’s Healthcare Staffing Services Certification, staffing firms undergo rigorous and systematic onsite surveys, which ensure the firm is achieving all requirements set in place to qualify for certification. Certified firms are responsible for verifying licensure; conducting education and training programs related to infection control, cultural diversity, and The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals; assessing competency; performing background checks; and ensuring all personnel records are up to date. 

As a certified firm, Delta Healthcare Providers requires the following documents from all travelers on contract assignment: 

  • Resume 
  • Summary of all licenses active and inactive 
  • Excluded parties list search 
  • Office of inspector general search 
  • Online verification of state licensure needed for this assignment 
  • Annual Self Assessment Skills Checklist 
  • Criminal Background check by county 
  • CPR Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers 
  • Annual 9-Panel Drug Screen 
  • Annual TB screening 
  • 3 Professional References 
  • Certificate of Professional Liability 
  • Certificate of Worker’s Compensation 

These are the minimum requirements set to maintain The Joint Commission certification. Delta Healthcare Providers offers copies of these documents to clients prior to a traveler’s assignment. If a client requires additional documentation for an assignment, Delta Healthcare Providers has a prepared list of vendors ready to fill these needs.  

In addition to maintaining certification, tracking the above materials also holds a staffing organization and the talent they represent accountable to unwavering standards. This parallel creates a mutually beneficial relationship between a hiring facility and healthcare traveler. Facilities engaging in staffing services can be assured that the healthcare providers represented by an accredited agency are screened and fully oriented prior an assignment. 

Additionally, since all documentation and personnel records are in order, incoming healthcare providers can begin an assignment fully focused on their work, instead of the fine print. 

A database of certified healthcare-staffing agencies associated with The Joint Commission can be found at By partnering with an agency prepared to hold themselves accountable to nationally recognized standards, hiring facilities relinquish the threat of liability in travel opportunities to a team prepared to evaluate and administer all necessary requirements specific to each assignment. This structure allows facilities and providers the peace of mind necessary to continue being all-stars in their field, and to focus on exceptional patient care. 


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